Smartphones have literally changed the way we live our lives, from navigating traffic to staying in touch with those we love and yes, maybe being a bit addicted to social media. The next level of advances in technology to go beyond this stage generate a good deal of curiosity, as it is unclear which will be adopted, and which will be too clunky to be conveniently used in everyday life. For some examples, Google Glass has produced mixed results. Virtual Reality is at a stage with lots of promise, but not much in the way of accessible, useable, and/or affordable options for the average consumer.


The Touch is the latest potential next step forward, and the concept is quite revolutionary. The user puts an ergonomic device on their head, which allows them to control electronic devices with their thoughts. It’s compatible with a number of devices: for example, you can use it to fly a drone, or drive an RC vehicle. You can also use it to turn lights on or off, or direct your smartphone to make calls or send texts. Most exciting is combining The Touch with Virtual Reality for a truly remarkable gaming experience, where you are fully immersed both with your visual senses and your mind.


If The Touch gains traction within the general population, using our fingers to type could be a relic of the past. We’ll simply think what we want to communicate, and it goes onto the device. This technology could completely change how we work, play, and socialize. The potential is truly limitless.

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