PIM  is  defined  as a  non-linear combination of  two or  more  than  two frequencies  in  a passive  circuit. The  mixing  of  the frequencies  which  usually  occurs  in  the  transmit  path,  usually  produces  the  unwanted  signals in  the  medium.

The  distortion  advances  and  gets  to  a place  where  is  no  more  desirable   once  it  occurs  at  the  frequency  that  is  within  the  receive  band  and  at  a level  that  is  higher  level enough  to  interfere  with  the  wanted  signal.

PIM  is  now  a  growing  issue  for  the  cellular  handset  network  operators. The PIM  become  more  than  an  concern when  the overlaying  new  carriers  into  old antenna  runs. PIM  can  come  up  with  the  interface  to reduce a  cell’s receiving  sensitivity  or  even  it  can  block call. This  interference is  drastic  enough  to affect  the  cell  that  creates  it  and  also  the  surrounding  cells  that  are  receivers.  

So  for  PIM  is  a  very  serious  issue for  all  the  handset  operators  who  might  need  to  maximize  their  network reliability, data rate,  capacity etc. In  addition  to  this  high digital  data communication makes  the PIM  testing  more and  more  critical, this happens  in  the  era  when  the  need  for  the  use  of cells is  growing  very  fast.

The  latest  upcoming  4th generation network constitutes  the increased  mobile  data  rates of  up  to 100 Mb/s and  an  extremely  high  transmission rate which  will  even  worsen  the  situation  by  making  PIM vulnerable in  the  today’s network like it  has  never  occurred  before.  
In this  generation  therefore good network  PIM  performance and testing are  now  vital. 



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