Everyone is aware of the fact that mobile applications have become omnipresent. As the most frequently accessed features available in a handset, they are powered to provide an immense amount of communication abilities, channelized functionalities, and an essence of better productivity. Generally, the mobile applications are developed for various tasks and it is the advanced level of technology that demands for highly integrated applications to keep the people engaging. It is the idea of engrossing the users that have enabled designers and developers to adapt the technology for creating useful applications.

Certainly, the application development should be carried out on the base of the cross - browser platform and have a user-friendly approach. Considering the first part, the need to develop apps on the cross-browser platform gives a wider market to the concerned application. In this manner, it will be operational in all the browsers that different mobile phones are configured with. An application restricting itself to a single browser functioning will never reach beyond the target audience. On the other front, a user-friendly approach is concerned with establishing links with prospective customers through the easy understanding of the procedures.




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