Department of Energy announced that homeowners use 50% of their electricity on heating and cooling. Simple tips can help you use less energy. For example, you should use a single room heater or a fan in just one room. This means that you won’t be spending electricity in rooms you do not use.
The Dyson Hot + Cool is a device that can help you save the energy. This is a very important factor if you want to live green. Thanks to its design, it is very popular. But, it is important to test this device in order to determine is it really efficient. This device uses the Air Multiplier system. Simply said, it has bladeless design. It will suck the air at the bottom and speed it up to a high velocity. This means that it will use less energy. It is a lot safer as well. On the other hand, when you use a heater, you cannot injure yourself. Also, the heater will shut down after 9 hours. So, it is efficient.
The Hot + Cool uses 30% less energy that similar devices. This is very important for people who want to live green. It can heat and cool an average living room without problems. Also, it will turn off after some time, so it won’t waste any energy. You also have a monitor that helps you track the temperature.
At the end, we can only say that the Dyson Hot + Cool is a green device. This means you can and you should use it. However, the price is a bit higher. However, you will regain your money because the Dyson Hot + Cool will reduce your energy bills.




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