The ESPY AWARDS came and went and it is evident that what transpired during the whole event is going to be talked about for weeks and weeks to some. For instance the short monologue by the sows host, Joel Mchale, at the beginning of the show left everyone smiling. Joel wasn’t shy of taking shots at the likes of the Biebs and Tiger Woods Despite the fact that his ex was in attendance. Another reason why the show is going to be remembered is Caitlyn Jenner’s powerful speech. 

Off the event, there is one particular aspect about the event that ended up having most of the attention. So what exactly are speaking off? Well, it’s the transgender advertisement by Google. Despite the acceptance that has been there throughout America and whole world when it comes to transgender, there hasn’t been a big company that has come forward and supported the transgender community. That all changed as Google publicly supported and endorsed the transgender community.

According to Arjan Dijk, the vice president of marketing for Google, this is a role that the company is willing t play. “There haven’t been enough companies r even brands that have come forward and publicly supported the transgender community,” he said. “It is a role that Google gladly accepts and would love to play.”  

Moments before Caitlyn Jenner took to the stage, Google aired an advert on national television that was very powerful. The advert was about a transgender man and his journey of transforming to be a woman. The advert in itself was2 and a half minutes long and was initially released by Google a month ago so as to celebrate gay pride. 


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