In order to protect your data, you must have a password. They are usually something that is important just for you and something that you won’t forget. Choosing the simple passwords like 12345678 is a serious mistake. When someone tries to guess a password, he usually this combination of numbers. In this case, your protection will be hacked. So, you must be careful with choosing your password. Do not choose a password that is;
1.    Date of birth. People who know this will gain access to your device and your data.
2.    Your name or nickname.
3.    Your last name.
4.    The name of your child. Mothers usually choose this as their password. It is very easy to hack. Also, the date birth of the child isn’t recommended.
5.    The name of your company, school and college. People can see these on your Facebook account.
6.    Same numbers like: 1111 or 2222.
7.    Your car on motorcycle. Many people who like their vehicles choose their brand name or model number for the password.
8.    The name of a parent.
9.    The name of first love.
10.    The name of a pet.
Also, when you are trying to log in, you can use a hint that you set up earlier. It shouldn’t be direct. For example. If your password is the name of your child, don’t set up the hint ‘’my baby’’. This is important because when some person try to crack your password, he will see the hint as well.
The ideal password is something that only you know, or a combination of several important things. Only then, you can be sure that your data is protected.




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