There are many kids around the world who have had tragic accidents or who are born with disabilities. Luckily, Open Bionics based in the UK creates prosthetic limbs that are affordable. This company partnered with Disney to make bionic hands that allow kids to feel like wonder-kids. The cool thing is children with amputations will get the coolest prosthetic hands ever, based on themes, such as Iron Man, Frozen, and Star Wars.

What is Open Bionics?

Open Bionics is a company based in England that uses printing technology with 3D methods to create hands in bionic form for children who have had amputations. These bionic hands are cheaper than the traditional ones sold. Open Bionics partnered with Disney Accelerator’s Techstars, a group of companies that have access to creativity and have resources from Walt Disney Company. This is where the idea of Disney-inspired bionic hands was born.

Disney’s royalty-free licensing with Open Bionics

Disney’s royalty-free licensing with Open Bionics helps create working 3D prosthetics that have been printed to form. These devices are made so they are affordable for the patients and their families. The typical prosthetics from other companies cost approximately $30,000.

The founder and inspiration, Joel Gibbard has said the prosthetic hands he creates will cost less than $500 and they should be able to be purchased before the end of 2016. This means next year children needing a prosthetic may be sporting one with a Frozen Princess, Jedi or a Superhero theme. The Star Wars prosthetic lights up too!

Open Bionics is saving the grace of children with the use of these prosthetic hands and it is amazing how affordable they are going to be.


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