Baby showers are a way of celebrating the new life that babies bring into the world. They are a sort of welcome the world provides for the new life. They probably originated in the Roman and Egyptian times, although there is no documentary proof of the origins of this custom.

In the days gone by, these showers were organised soon after the birth of the baby, most often after  the new life has stepped into the world formally and declared its existence by a few powerful cries.

They had gifts that were given to the families of the baby to be born, or the near and dear ones of the baby just born. These gifts were usually homemade. There were items of clothing, there were items of bedding like bed-sheets were given as gifts to the prospective parents.

Today, baby showers are observed with a difference. The difference began manifesting itself soon after World War II came to an end. The parties in the yesteryears had only female members of the family, but the invited today include all kinds of male relations too like grandfather and uncle.

Technology and innovation have intercepted in these traditions too, and celebrating a baby shower before the birth of the baby is a common phenomenon.

With ultrasound scans and all kinds of tests available today, the baby is welcomed to a world that knows a lot about it before its birth. Baby showers can be easily arranged during pregnancy today without the fear of getting a wrong gift for a child.




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