Google took its research work to the next level by introducing its new wristband that aims to help the doctors and the medical researchers in collecting data about the disease that their patients can get at any point of time. The Google X Lab research team initiated this prototype and this can be very accurate solution in the market. This helps in measuring the pulses of the patients, the heartbeats and the temperature of skin and it updates its doctor at regular intervals. It can also determine the environment in which the patients are exposed to light and sound. Development of this wristwatch has been taking place for several hours but its official launch date has not been declared yet. The Google spokesperson, Jacquelyn Miller, said that the X Lab has studied different aspects to explore all the potentials to find the disease and health conditions. 

Doctors can provide you with greater insight in the biological pattern and this helps in diagnosis or intervention of disease. The technology can help in unlocking a new class of medical information and this makes understanding different patterns and can even manage serious health conditions. The X Lab believes in development of Smart Contact lenses that can test diabetes by measuring the level of blood sugar in your tears. This new wristband can give a tough competition to the Apple’s Health Kit and the research kit software for the iPhones. This helps in collecting data of the medical condition of the patients. 


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