Due to a great improvement in science and technology, time has come that we can embrace eco-friendly cars for a better planet. These vehicles are made for a better planet and are either run on electricity, bio-fuel, hydrogen fuel or are hybrid. If you want to contribute to a better planet, then try these vehicles:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Hybrid electric vehicles usually have a very dynamic motor system that is made to reduce the emission. Hyundai has contributed to this genre of vehicles which run on electric motors and gasoline engines.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
Hyundai bagged its place in making an exemplary hydrogen fuel cell stack that went along with the engine to give a high-quality performing vehicle. These vehicles are run by electricity that is produced by hydrogen and oxygen reaction.

Electric Vehicles
Electric vehicles are usually great because they do not emit any gas. After charging them, the vehicles can run for a distance of 140 km. These are also capable of reaching a speed of 130 km. 


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