If you want to watch a movie or a TV series that is made in a foreign country, you will need a subtitle. You can download it manually and use it, but you will need a lot of time for this, because you must find the right subtitle unpack it and add to the player. The much easier alternative is to use BS Player online subtitles feature. However, you will have to configure it first.
1.    The first step is to open Preferences in the BS Player. Right click on the player/ Options and then choose Preferences.
2.    On the left side you will see the Subtitles menu. Click on it.
3.    On the right you will see the Online Subtitles tab. Make sure that all options are checked, except ‘’don’t show available subtitle list’’.
4.    Save downloaded subtitles to- choose the Movie folder. It is much easier. 
5.    Exit.
6.    Open a movie you want. You will see all available subtitles for that movie. However, all of them are in English language. 
7.    At the bottom of the window, you will see subtitle languages. They are eng, eng. Click on it and remove one. 
8.    Click on Add Language. Scroll down and find the language you want.
9.    Mark it, choose add and you are done.
10.    Next time when you open a movie, you can search subtitles via BS Player manually. Right click on the movie, Subtitles/Check for online subtitles/All. You will end up with a window that show you all available subtitles. Choose the one with the same name as the movie and click download. 



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