Seat belts are very important for your safety. You also must use them every time when you drive a car. This also means that you use them all the time, so they can get damaged or broken. Also, in a case of a car crash, they will end up ruined. In any case, you will have to replace them. This is a simple task and you will need a couple of seconds. In essence, all you need to do is to undo a few screws.

1.    The first step is to remove the plastic cover of the center pillar of your car. You will see that it protects and hides the seat belt mechanism. It is usually held in place with a couple of screws. They are hidden with small rubber covers. Remove them and undo the screws.
2.    Now you will see the seat belt mechanism. It is at the bottom of the pillar. It is held in place with one or two screws.
3.    Undo the screws and pull out the seat belt. Make sure that the mechanism is in good shape. There are big springs in it, so they may injure you if they are outside the mechanism.
4.    The second end of the seat belt is around the seat. Undo the screw and remove the whole belt from a car. 
5.    The procedure of installing a new seat belt is the same. You will have to follow these steps backwards. 

Make sure that the seat belt, you are installing is the same as your old one. Even better is to replace both seat belts. They are cheap, but they are important for your safety.



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