Although you do not frequently need to access the router settings, but there are times you may have to. If you have forgotten the password or had never known it, there is nothing to worry about. There are ways to access the router settings on your computer.

Hold the ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard and press ‘R.’ This will open the ‘Run’ dialog box. Type ‘cmd’ in the dialog box and press ‘Enter.’ The Command Screen will open up. Type ‘ipconfig’ where the prompter is blinking and press ‘Enter’ again. You will see many numbers and the IP Address as well. Locate the ‘Default Gateway’ and note it down (it should be something like

Now open the Web Browser and in the address bar type the default gateway as it is (no need to prefix www or http) and press ‘Enter.’ A web page will open prompting you to enter the username and password.

Now go to your modem and turn it over. At the bottom you will see the ‘Modem Access Code.’ Make a note of this code and then go back to your computer screen.

In the username section type ‘user’ and in the password section enter the ‘Modem Access Code.’  If ‘user’ username doesn’t work, you may want to try other default usernames such as ‘0000’, ‘admin’, or ‘administrator.’

You will be able to access the router settings.

If this does not work or you are not able to locate the ‘Modem Access Code’, you will need to reset your modem. Every modem has a tiny reset button which can be pressed with a thin pin.




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