That time of the month can be really tricky. But your body starts acting up a few days before you actually get your period. With the insane moodiness, body pain, tender breast, those pimples and stomach cramps, here are a few ways you can be healthy and sane while on your period.

1.    Stay away from salt and junk food before at least 10 days your period. The junk food along with salt end up making you feel bloat and you can have puffy face, a bloated stomach and even pimples.

2.    Proteins and fiber rich diet can be your best friend during this time of the month. The protein and iron found in lean meat and poultry can help boost your blood sugar, while fiber can help you deal with digestion problem.

3.    Since you can feel extra lethargic during those days, it’s better to drink natural drinks such as masala chai (tea), coffee as it can help you deal with cramps and is better than having painkiller. However, don’t overdo it.

4.    Avoid eating in bulk. Instead strategize your meals throughout the day to ensure that your metabolism is up and steady. This will also help in avoid bloating that is very common.




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